Notice-and-Access Model

PetroTal is using the notice-and-access model for the delivery of meeting materials to its shareholders.

Under notice-and-access, shareholders still receive a proxy or voting instruction form enabling them to vote at the shareholders’ meeting. However, instead of a paper copy of the management information circular dated June 15, 2023, shareholders receive a notice with information on how they may access such materials electronically. The use of this alternative means of delivery is a more environmentally friendly way to distribute these materials since it reduces printing, paper and postage.

Review The Circular Prior To Voting

You can access the meeting materials by clicking on the links below. Shareholders may request that a paper copy of the meeting materials be sent to them by postal delivery at no cost to them. Requests may be made up to one year from the date the Circular was filed on SEDAR by:

AGM Meeting Virtual Link and Dial-in Information

Dial in Information

USA Local: +1 786 697 3501
USA Toll Free: 866 580 3963
Canada Toll Free: 1 866 378 3566
Lima: +51 (0) 1 705 7257
UK-Wide: +44 (0) 33 0551 0200
UK Toll Free: 0808 109 0700