Aim Rule 26

This page contains links to core management and financial information and has been designed to comply with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies – ‘Company Information Disclosure’. The information contained here was last updated on August 28, 2023.

PetroTal Corp. is an oil and gas company whose shares are currently admitted to trading on the TSX-V and AIM. The Company is focused on development of oil and gas assets in Peru and it currently has controlling interests in three onshore Peru license blocks, being Block 95, which includes the Bretaña Assets, and two exploration blocks, namely Block 107 and Block 133.

The Company is advancing the development of its flagship Bretaña Assets, which includes the producing Bretaña oil field, located in the Marañon basin along the Ucayali River, as well pursuing the exploration of Block 107, located in the Ucayali Basin of Eastern Peru, where the Company is targeting a farm-out to bring in a partner to drill the Osheki Prospect within Block 107 in Q4 2019 or early 2020.

The Company is incorporated in Canada. As the Company is not incorporated in the UK, the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

PetroTal trades on AIM under the ticker PTAL and on the TSX-V under the ticker TAL.

The Company is not subject to takeover regulation in the UK and the City Code will not apply to the Company. However, Canadian laws applicable to the Company provide for early warning disclosure requirements and for takeover bid rules for bids made to security holders in various jurisdictions in Canada.

In Canada, securities laws are a matter of provincial/territorial jurisdiction and, as a result, bids are governed by applicable corporate and securities legislation in each province or territory. Accordingly, the Company is subject to the requirements of the Canada Business Corporations Act and applicable provincial and territory. Accordingly, the Company is subject to the requirements of the Canada Business Corporations Act and applicable provincial and territorial securities legislation governing takeover bids.

As the Company is incorporated in Canada, shareholders’ rights may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company.

Rule 17 of the AIM Rules requires, inter alia, that an AIM quoted company must notify the market of any changes of which it is aware to its Shareholders’ interests in three percent or more of the Common Shares and changes thereto (of any movements through a percentage point upwards or downwards). As the Company is incorporated in Alberta, provisions have been incorporated into the Articles (and approved by Shareholders at the Special Meeting held on 4 June 2018) which, to the extent possible, mirror the requirements of DTR 5 which require that Shareholders holding interests in three percent or more of the Company’s Common Shares inform the Company thereof and to inform the Company of relevant subsequent changes thereto.

Substantial and Significant Shareholders: Number of Common Shares (% of Issued Share Capital)

YF Financial Limited: 152,879,100 (16.71%)
Kite Lake Capital Management (UK) LLP: 115,513,226 (12.63%)
Fidelity International: 59,001,403 (6.45%)
Encompass Capital Advisors LLC: 54,725,189 (5.98%)
Meridian Capital International Fund:
54,668,057 (5.98%)

Last Updated: May 14, 2024



In accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, all shareholders in the Company holding an interest in three per cent. or more of the Company’s shares (including all legal and beneficial interests, direct or indirect, or interests in financial instruments which are referenced to such shares, of such shareholders) are required to notify the Company of their interest and of any subsequent relevant changes to their holdings. Those changes shall include any increase or decrease to such holdings through any single percentage threshold.

Shareholders are therefore requested to notify the Company in accordance with Rule 17 of the AIM Rules.

The Company has 914,927,048 Common Shares of no par value in issue.

The Percentage of securities not in public hands is 31.0%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities.

Lat updated: May 3, 2024


Relevant investor notices are available here.

Nominated & Financial Adviser
Strand Hanson Limited
26 Mount Row

Joint Broker
Peel Hunt LLP
100 Liverpool Street

Joint Broker
Stifel Nicolaus Europe Limited
150 Cheapside

Deloitte LLP
Suite 700, 850 – 2nd Street
S.W., Calgary
T2P 0R8

Legal Advisers to the Company
Stikeman Elliott LLP
4300 Bankers Hall West
888 – 3rd Street S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 5C5

Financial Public Relations
Celicourt Communications
7-10 Adam Street