Committed to being environmental stewards, we operate in a way that will minimize impact on the environment while improving our environmental performance and preventing incidents.

Our Environmental Practices

As part of our sustainability story, we review and audit all aspects of operations to ensure that we are adhering to regulations and making improvements to our own business practices.

Our Corporate Management System in place to ensure that PetroTal:

  • Minimizes the impact to the environment from its operations by identifying and managing the relevant environmental risks
  • Considers environmental issues from the outset when planning operations, to reduce waste, the consumption of resources and prevention of pollution to the environment
  • Provides necessary training for its employees and contractors to ensure that they have the knowledge and capability to conduct operations in an environmentally sensitive manner
  • Creates contingency plans where emergency/pollution situations are developed and implemented for all operations which may impact the environment
  • Complies with all the applicable environmental regulations and codes of practice
  • Improves its performance by setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  • Provides necessary resources, advice and guidance to ensure the communication and implementation of this policy and to monitor and report on the company’s environmental performance.