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Puinahua population received more than 3,200 health care and social programs.

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PetroTal accompanied and supported the multi-sector campaign that took place in the towns of Brittany, Manco Cápac, Las Palmas and Huacrachiro.

Thousands of vulnerable residents of the Puinahua district received medical care and took steps to access government social programs and the National Identity Document (DNI) in the multi-sector campaign that was developed with the support of PetroTal.

Throughout last week, personnel from different public institutions provided more than 3,200 services to children, young people, adults, mothers and the elderly who were concentrated in the towns of Brittany -district capital-, Manco Cápac, Las Palmas and Huacrachiro .

The Regional Health Management (Geresa), the Comprehensive Health System (SIS) of the Ministry of Health, the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec), the Local Registration Unit (ULE) of the District Municipality of Puinahua and the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations (MIMP) participated in the initiative.

There were also representatives of social programs, such as Qali Warma, Cuna Más, Pensión 65 and Juntos, who answered the population’s queries and made affiliations.

It should be noted that this campaign focused on medical care and SIS affiliations, fundamental aspects to ensure the well-being of the population of Puinahua.

The population thanked the promoters of this year’s first multisectoral campaign because it allowed them to access social services and programs and carry out procedures that, in normal situations, they have to travel to cities far from their homes, which represents considerable cost and time .

To date, three multisectoral campaigns have been developed with the support of PetroTal, as part of its social responsibility initiatives with the population of Puinahua, the district where the Bretaña Norte Field of Block 95 is located, operated by the company.