Student Workshops

Loreto schoolchildren and teachers learned about oil and its benefits.

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PetroTal organized a playful workshop that aroused the interest and participation of students from the Puinahua district, where the Bretaña Norte field of Block 95 is located.

More than 500 primary school students and 20 teachers from the Puinahua district (Requena, Loreto) participated in the workshop “Learning with PetroTal: Oil and its benefits in our daily lives”, which, as its name indicates, seeks to strengthen, in a didactic and playful, the knowledge of minors regarding the hydrocarbons industry and the importance of this natural resource in our daily lives. 

Between July and September the workshop was held in the towns of San Carlos, Bretaña, La Palma, 7 de Junio, Huacrachiro and Manco Cápac. The activity generated great interest among the students who were eager to learn more about oil and to participate in the dynamics that were in charge of the two irreverent “scientists” who led the activity.

PetroTal, a company led and operated by Peruvians, highlighted that the workshops were able to bring the oil industry closer to the smallest population in the district, show that it is a modern activity that preserves the environment, and make visible that oil is a key input for development of all human activities, from transportation to medical care and teaching.

Through this initiative, the company that operates Block 95 seeks to sow in schoolchildren the seed of knowledge about the oil industry that takes place in their locality in order to promote a harmonious coexistence with the population and promote development opportunities for children. and young people from Puinahua, highlighted Luis Pantoja, general manager of PetroTal.

“We thank the commission that came to give this workshop and we hope that this activity will be permanent and not only for primary schools, but also for secondary schools and for the entire population,” said Luis Chota, director in charge of the Corina Cabrera Burga school in the town of San Carlos María Huaynacari, a teacher at school 60633 in Brittany, capital of Puinahua, district where the Bretaña Norte field of Lot 95 is located, expressed his joy for the activity.

“We hope that it will be carried out in the different places of the district because the children need to be informed so that they can build their own conclusions about the extraction of oil”, he affirmed.